This week marks the 5th Anniversary of Star Wars™: Commander’s launch!


To celebrate, we’re excited to announce a brand-new two-week event where you’ll be able to earn new defensive equipment:


  • Guard Reserve: Mercenaries will spawn a wave of two Gamorrean Warriors and a Twi’lek Incinerator from the Cantina when your base is under attack
  • Reinforced Cantina Bracing hardens the internal struts of the Cantina structure, allowing the building to diffuse attacks across its surface more efficiently


During the second week of our event (August 22nd – 28th), we’ll have more surprises and gifts to celebrate including free daily Anniversary Crates and a special Crystal Bonus sale with up to 30% bonus crystals on select packages.


In addition, over the four weeks following the 5th Anniversary, we’re excited to be re-running our Star Wars™: The Last Jedi event with some new balancing changes. Here’s what you can expect:


Fathier Rider


Fathier Riders are large units, but their impact on the battlefield currently isn’t justifying their Unit Capacity. In addition, due to their short range, they often need to maneuver into position to attack enemies. This causes downtime in their attacking, meaning they aren’t dealing damage at their full potential. To rebalance this, we will be increasing the damage of Fathier Riders by 20% and reduce their Unit Capacity from 25 to 15.


Bufopel Protector and Ongidae Opressor


The health of these units is currently balanced to allow for the effect of their Resilience buff later in the battle. This currently has little impact to their overall effectiveness, and merely delays their deaths. To address this, the first stack of their Resilience buff will now start five seconds after deployment (down from 10), and additionally will buff their damage done the longer they remain in battle.


On behalf of everyone here at NaturalMotion, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support!


Star Wars™: Commander Team