The upcoming SWC update brings the release of Equipment Data Fragments, Equipment, and the Armory! In preparation, we wanted to go over each of the major release elements:



What are Equipment Data Fragments?

  • Data Fragments are obtained from Supply Crates and are used to unlock and upgrade Equipment at the Armory.
  • Players must collection a certain amount of data fragments before they are able to unlock Equipment.



What is the Armory?

  • The Armory is new building that unlocks at HQ6 and allows players to activate unlocked Equipment.
  • Players can upgrade their armory to increase the number of concurrently active pieces of Equipment.






What is Equipment?

  • Equipment provides the player a bonus to the stats of the affected unit/structure along with a new “skin” or visual change.
  • Equipment may be location/planet-dependent (e.g.: Snowtrooper Equipment only active during a battle on Hoth)
  • Equipment is Unlocked once a Player gathers the appropriate number and type of Equipment data fragments. The unlock is permanent but the Equipment must be activated at the Armory to apply its bonus.
  • Equipment is upgraded in the Research Lab with the same unique Equipment data fragments used to unlock the Equipment.
  • During the upgrade time, players may not perform other upgrades at the Research Lab.
  • Equipment is activated in the Armory.
  • Equipment can be deactivated/activated at any time the player has access to the armory. There is no cooldown.