For this Community Blog Post we reached out to some members of the Reputation Rush winning squad W.A.R.United. BigRob, Nala8, and Solio gave us some more insight into their squad experiences and thoughts.


W.A.R.United is the flagship squad of the W.A.R. family of squads.  The W.A.R. family was formed in April 2015 and now has 8 squads (3 on leaderboard) and have players from all over the world.  While BigRob is typically in the leader position of W.A.R.United and does a large amount of the coordinating, the squad is really lead by all of the members.

How long have you been a member of W.A.R.United?

Nala8: I’ve been a member of United since February 2016.   I’ve been playing since the beginning and this is my 4th squad.   With recruiting and squads combining I ended up in United and I feel fortunate to be here.


BigRob: I have been in W.A.R. United for about 14 months.  However, I’ve been in the same squad family for almost 2 years.


Solio: I joined W.A.R. United in February of 2016. However, I have been a part of the W.A.R. family of squads since April 2015. We currently operate a total of 8 squads of varying skill/ability and promote players to higher level squads as they progress.



What do you look for in a squad and what brought you to W.A.R.United?

Nala8: The most important things for me in a squad are people on during my play time, fast donations, and chatty people.  Those are probably the most basic and important things to make a squad work. Some people would also say that having a skilled person to learn from is important… And it is.  I’ve learned an enormous amount from my squad mates.  We have some top top leaderboard members that I look up to with awe at their skills…and then we laugh and joke in chat. There’s a little bit of magic that goes into having a fun active squad.  You’re not sure what makes the combination work but when it does you know.  


BigRob: The main thing I look for in a squad is good camaraderie and an enjoyable time.  An enjoyable place to play is our top goal.  When it comes to gameplay, we strive to improve our tactics and battle the hardest opponents we can find.  We love to share tactics and helping other squad members improve.  We like medals but find them hollow if it takes no skill to achieve them.


Solio: The thing I look for most in a squad is activity. Activity consists of several components; donations, respectful/friendly chat, game knowledge and of course skill and strategy sharing. Before joining W.A.R. I had no support from the random squads I was placed in. I still remember the first day I stepped into a W.A.R. squad…it was an eye opener and completely changed the game for me. They were organized, helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of the game.



Is W.A.R. United actively recruiting and if so, what requirements should potential members have to join?

Nala8: War is a family with 7-8 active squads.  We are always recruiting and can find a spot for any level active player.


BigRob: W.A.R.United occasionally has an opening for a player with 65,000 medals or more and a good attitude.  However, anyone with 3,000 medals or more can come to United and we will find a spot for them in another W.A.R. squad.  A friendly demeanor and high level of activity are required for all W.A.R. squads.


Solio: We are always looking for new recruits. Typically we look for people that will be active, friendly and are passionate about the Star Wars brand. Recruits need to have a minimum of 3000 medals and a working knowledge of the game. In addition, we ask that they get Line so they can communicate and keep in touch with their squads.  Being the elite squad of the W.A.R. family United gets the most walk-ins. We have a system in place to identify squads that have needs (skill/medal level, time zone, etc.) and we will place the recruit in the squad with most need.



How much coordination among squad members is there in day-to-day gameplay?

Nala8: In United, We are very fortunate to be an active and mostly full squad.  And our squad members come from all over the world.  We have a group of Europeans (England, Scotland, Germany and Italy), a large group from across the US, and a few in the pacific (Japan, Phillipines). So someone is active in game all day and night.  The language app made communicating possible…only very few jokes get lost in translation. ;).  So day to day, we have a lot of activity… donating, sharing replays and making plans to hit our least favorite Imps. I know not everyone that plays SWC is in a squad, but I can’t imagine playing the game without one. Star Wars pulls you in but it’s the people that keep you playing.


BigRob: In day-to-day gameplay, communication in the squad is casual and fun.  During squad wars, there is a very high level of coordination amongst squad members.


Solio: In W.A.R. we use the chat application Line to form chat rooms. There we communicate everything from vacation dates to Squad War strategy.



What was the main focus during Reputation Rush in order to increase Rep?

Nala8: Since no one was sure how the event would be scored, our leader made a plan to have us participate in as many squad wars as we could.  We did back to back wars with a 15-minute break between.  I think we squeezed in 8.


BigRob: The main focus during the reputation wars was back-to-back squad wars.  We are highly active and assumed that everyone would complete the daily donation goal.


Solio: The biggest focus was to get as many wars completed (and won) as permitted by the time frame. We also made sure everyone collected and donate their daily rep points to ensure max points. Coordinating the 15 members, being on-line at precise times…phewww, it was a lot of work!



What was the most challenging aspect of coordinating during Rep Rush?

Nala8: The most difficult was the timing of the wars.  The start time got pushed later and later…and you need enough people on ready to go in the beginning.   A 15-30 minute window between wars is barely enough time for everyone to clear lag and be back on. The Europeans weren’t awake to clear so they played every other war. The coordination was up to someone else, I just had to be on in that start window.


BigRob: The consequences of chat lag was what made the Rep Rush so challenging.  In a squad as active as ours, chat lag becomes intolerable after 48 hours.  This becomes a big problem for the group of about 8 players who played every single squad war in the rush.  This meant that all of us would have to be there at exactly when the squad war ends, all leave the squad, and return in order to clear chat lag.  We only had about a 10 minute window to complete this and initiate the next war.  It was an outstanding effort and commitment from the players who had to do that for two weeks straight.  The entire squad really came together to win the Reputation Rush.


Solio: Unfortunately, the most challenging aspect during the Rush was clearing game chat lag. We were starting wars back to back so it was important for anyone in the war just ending to leave the squad, clear chat lag, and then return before the next war was initiated.



Are there any other squad events you would like to see in Star Wars: Commander?  

Nala8: The one interesting aspect of the rep rush is, while most everyone outside our squad family is aware we won and offered appropriate congratulations, they want to know is what we won. (Editor’s Note: The reward for this past Rep Rush was bragging rights but we are always exploring  ideas on how to reward future events)



  1.  ABILITY TO CHALLENGE OPPONENTS TO A SQUAD WAR.  One squad invites another squad to battle.  Inviting squad chooses which (if any) outposts will be included.
  2. Individual wars (players represent their squad and volunteer to play are matched against others who volunteer to play – score is kept).
  3.  Option to play squad wars without outposts (if both squads accept).
  4.  Civil war (within the galactic civil war) – Option to fight against our own faction.
  5.  The old challenge like the Halloween death trooper ones were well liked.


Solio: Oh my goodness, where do I start!! LOL. The ability to challenge a specific squad to a war is something you see across all chat rooms as something the community would like to be able to have. Individual wars would also be fun (Player vs. Player challenges), And same faction wars (Reb v. Reb and Imp v. Imp).



Thank you to Nala8, BigRob, and Solio for taking the time to discuss your Squad and Rep Rush experience and Congratulations again to W.A.R.United!

Note: This piece was edited for clarity.